The Problem

Microbes not only live in the environment, they also inhabit your facilities and affect your operations. They can increase the risk of contamination, downtime, corrosion, and toxicity.

Our Comprehensive Solution

We use the latest sequencing technologies and analysis tools to identify all the microorganisms affecting your operations. Not only those identified by culturing, bug bottle, or PCR assays. Our sophisticated metagenomic analysis services allow you to effectively manage your operational risks including:  corrosion, souring, water contamination, and environmental impact.

Our expert technicians have experience extracting DNA from difficult industrial and environmental samples. Such as samples with low biomass, inhibitors, and clays.

Our expert scientists, including individuals from the Petroleum Microbiology Research Group at the University of Calgary, do not simply provide you with a list of bacteria or microbial functions, they provide you with an understandable analysis that allows you to take action to mitigate risks and improve your operations. They will work with you to tailor treatment and mitigation strategies.

Mircroorganisms have both positive and negative effects on oil and gas operations.
  • Negative effects include:

    • Microbial influenced corrosion
    • Souring (H2S production)
    • Biofouling
    • Contamination
  • Positive effects include:

    • Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR): including plugging and gas, solvent, surfactant, and acid production.
    • Environmental monitoring, assessment, and remediation.

By working with the world’s leading experts in petroleum microbiology, Helios Genomics can help you mitigate the risk presented by the microbial communities inhabiting your operations.

If a problem is identified our experts will help you implement a mitigation strategy and monitor is success.

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Microorganisms (Bacteria and Archea) are found virtually everywhere. They are in the air, the soil, and water, and in and on plants and animals, including Humans. A single teaspoon of topsoil can contains a billion bacterial cells. Although microorganisms can cause disease and produce toxic compounds, they can also be used to monitor environmental impact and to remediate the environment.

Consequently, microorganisms can be used for:

  • Environmental Monitoring- determining the impact of industrial operations on the environment
  • Environmental Assessment- predicting the impact industrial operations will have on the environment
  • Baseline establishment- establishing targets for remediation
  • Monitoring toxicity in the environment
  • Bioremediation and toxicity reduction

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Make informed operating decisions to better mitigate risks and improve production strategies.