Our Comprehensive Solution

We use the latest sequencing technologies and analysis tool to identify all the microorganisms affecting your operations. Not just those identified by culturing, bug bottle, or PCR assays. Our sophisticated metagenomic analysis services allow you to effectively manage your operational risks, water treatment,  environmental impact, bioremediation, and enhanced energy recovery strategies.

Our expert technicians have experience extracting DNA from difficult samples with low biomass, inhibitors, and clays from industrial and environmental samples.Our services utilize the latest next-generation sequencing technologies that provide incredible depth and long accurate sequences. This means that the entire microbial community and microbial processes in your sample will be accurately and rapidly identified. Our expert petroleum and industrial environmental microbiologists interpret the sequence data to provide you with actionable information that you can use to improve production, reduce your environmental footprint, and mitigate risks.

Our services include: 16S tag sequencing, total DNA sequencing, and quantitative PCR panels.

We have developed expertise extracting DNA from difficult samples with low biomass, inhibitors, and clays. Our sample extraction expertise includes, but is not limited to: production and injection water, pipeline fluids and solids, biofilms, soil, water, and other fluids.
Using the latest DNA sequencing platforms we either sequence the16S rRNA gene, other specific genes, or all of the genes in a sample. This allows for rapid and accurate identification of all the microorganisms or functional genes in the sample.

Sequencing read length is 600+ and sequencing depth is over 40,000 reads per sample.

Our petroleum and environmental microbiologists analyze the sequence data and create customized microbial sample assessments. The report includes the identification of the microbes or genes, an assessment of the function of the microbes or genes, and an analyses of the diversity in your sample. Finally, in consultation with the client, our scientists help the client understand how the microbial community is impacting their operations and assist in the development of mitigation and monitoring strategies.